Strategic Direction


Our unparalleled understanding of industry dynamics, the consumer/shopper,
the retailer and the consumer products company adds an important dimension
when working with clients in the development of business strategies

What We Do

  • We design and facilitate near-term and longer range business planning processes as well as help prepare corporate strategic plans.
  • Our areas of expertise include corporate strategic plan facilitation and development, business unit and functional strategies and plans, brand and new market entry strategies, channel strategies and sales go-to-market strategies.
  • We employ a participative approach, which fully utilizes client knowledge and expertise, and ensures ownership and commitment throughout the organization.

Our Goals Based Corporate Strategic
Planning Model

Builds consensus and commitment to the organization’s objectives across functional lines, it clearly defines and communicates long term strategies which provide the parameters for decision making at all levels throughout the organization, it guides the allocation of resources and continuous improvement efforts throughout the organization and it is a measurement of the organization’s overall performance and of specific functional performance.

Goals Based Corporate Strategic
Planning Model

Stretigic Direction

We suggest Strategic Plans cover a three year horizon with annual updates. For financial purposes, e.g., capital expenditures, a five-year or even longer planning period can be used. The Strategic Plan should be a “live” or “working document” that is routinely monitored.

Four Step Strategic Planning Process

Far more important than the strategic planning document is the strategic planning process itself. In order to guard against producing a document that ends up collecting dust on the shelf, we employ a thorough “end-to-end” , highly disciplined, four step process that includes all functions and business units. This ensures achievement of a company’s desired outcomes. This process, which is highly participative, is outlined below:

Step #1: We begin with identification of the planning task force members, selected interviews and an information
gathering process. The final task in the first step is a review of the strategic vision, mission statement and corporate goals with the President/CEO.

Step #2: The second step in the process is a facilitated two-day, off-site session with the Task Force members to confirm or modify the Mission Statement, review goals, agree to planning assumptions, conduct a SWOT Analysis, gain consensus on the Critical Success Factors and develop
strategies to support each Critical Success Factor. Task Force members are then assigned responsibility for developing action plans in support of the Critical Success Factors..

Step #3: In the third step we facilitate and/or guide the development of the action plans by each Business Unit in support of the Critical Success Factors. The action plans become the “living” part of the strategic plan. These action plans are developed by the Business Units and reviewed and agreed to by the Task Force during a second off-site meeting. The action plans are included as part of the final strategic plan. Once the Task Force work is complete, the strategic plan is prepared for presentation to and approval by the Board.

Step #4: The final step is implementation. This is when the document “comes to life”. Action plans are reviewed with the Senior Leadership team on a quarterly basis. The Business Units are responsible for delivering the action plans on-time, as planned. Any variances must be approved by the CEO and, in some instances, the Board.

3rd Party Facilitation and Design Guidance is Essential

Our extensive experience in strategic planning facilitation, combined with our “real world “management experience in the retail industry, ideally qualifies WWA to be the consulting firm you select to assist with your strategic planning processes. We typically deliver plans that are value added, focus on the future and embraced by the organization.

Executive Resource

In addition to our role as a facilitator and developer of business strategies, we are frequently asked by clients to share our perspective regarding future trends, the potential impact of these trends on their businesses and how they should respond to maintain or increase competitive advantage.

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