Supply Chain Optimization


We work with consumer products manufacturers and retailers in the development of supply chain strategies
to improve responsiveness and drive more dollars to the bottom line.

We have Over 25 Years of Experience

We work with both retailers and consumer products companies in developing supply chain strategies to improve responsiveness and drive more dollars to the bottom line. We have over 25 years of supply chain experience focused on optimizing the supply chain to improve or maintain service levels while reducing cost and improving responsiveness. We bring the knowledge to evaluate the supply chain from end to end and identify opportunities that takes your supply chain to a new level of execution.

Supply Chain Optimization

What We Do

  • Define strategic intent and operating principles of the supply chain
    • Assess current overall network and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Align supply chain strategy to overall corporate strategy.
  • Develop Supply Chain business plan based on strategic intent and integrate with merchandising strategy.
    • – Align supply chain processes with category and product goals.
    • – Define a relationship management model by collaborating with key suppliers to improve performance metrics.
    • – Broaden private label platform to decrease cost of goods and increase margin opportunities.
  • Position the supply chain as a strategic advantage to reduce operating costs and increase responsiveness to variabilities in demand.
  • Optimization of the supply chain through network modeling and product flow analysis
  • Improve flow of goods directly to the store and shelf to maximize sales opportunities by minimizing out of stocks with the right level of inventory
  • Implement change to sustain value with an infrastructure for continuous improvement.
    • Defined program and project management
    • Organizational change
    • Business process reengineering
    • Technology tools and data visibility
  • Develop a contract manufacturing operating strategy to increase margin and volume.
    • Expand growth of innovation with emerging brands through
    • Expediting launch of new products
    • Establish relationships with contract manufacturers
    • Bring new products to full commercialization
    • Defined program management
  • Improve cost of goods to deliver additional margin
    • Improve supply chain from manufacturing to retail shelf.
    • Alignment with retail category strategies and goals
    • Collaboration with retailers to improve execution
    • Optimize distribution points based on attributes of product types and velocities

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