Process Re-Engineering


Our highly efficient “Process Design Team” approach delivers processes that are value added, emphasize
simplification, reduce labor intensive tasks, reduce duplication and create efficiencies

Business process redesign is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across organizations. The key to business process redesign is for organizations to look at their business processes from a "clean slate" perspective and determine how they can best construct these processes to improve how they conduct business. It transforms an organization in ways that directly affect performance.

Our Experience

We have considerable experience facilitating process redesign initiatives across multiple divisions of multi-billion dollar corporations and across functions within corporate divisions. We bring to each process redesign assignment an in-depth operational perspective which ensures practical and efficient processes aligned with business requirements. We are known for our expertise in the design of top-down, functionally integrated customer planning processes, which ensures alignment of brand objectives and strategies with customer strategies and tactics.

What We Do

Using our highly efficient “Process Design Team” approach, we work closely with project teams comprised of individuals representing each major functional area to reengineer functional and cross-function core planning and knowledge flow processes.

Our “Process Design Team” Approach

Our “Process Design Team” approach ensures core and sub processes are aligned with roles, responsibilities and business requirements across functions and down through the organization and are designed for maximum efficiency. Importantly, we gain “process change consensus and ownership” and commitment from top down and across all functions.

  • Decision Matrices: We begin a project by confirming current planning processes and points of decision across functions. This is followed by the development of future state decision matrices that identify proposed points of decision across functions and from top down through the organization

Decision Matrices

decision matrices
  • Banded Process Maps: Working with the Process Design team, and within the parameters established by the future state decision matrices, we prepare functionally banded process maps for core processes. A banded process map is a pictorial representation of work flow for an activity. It indicates all functions in the organization that are involved in the specific work flow, who does what tasks, in what order and to whom work is passed.

Banded Process Maps

Banded Process Maps
  • Core Processes: We then prepare a prototype design for each core process. This is reviewed with the process team; adjustments are made as needed and agreement reached.
  • Sub Processes: Once core processes are agreed to, sub processes are detailed to add clarity and detail to each core process.
  • Standard Operating Procedures: We then facilitate the development of Standard Operating Procedures to support the newly designed processes. Concurrent with the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures we define requirements for tactical systems improvements and identify strategic systems alternatives (custom build or available packages).

When the core process, sub processes and standard operating procedures are completed, we work with the Process Design Team to develop the implementation plan. The implementation plan typically includes communication and orientation across all functions and stakeholders, training and feedback procedures to refine the processes initially and over time. We suggest that each major process have a “Champion” and an “Owner”. The Owner is responsible for keeping the process up-to-date as changes occur during implementation. The Champion is responsible for ensuring that all functions in the organization are following the process as designed

3rd Party Facilitation and Design Guidance is Essential

Our extensive experience in business process facilitation, combined with our “real world” management experience in the consumer products industry, ideally qualifies WWA to be the consulting firm you select to redesign your business planning processes.

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