Strategic Supplier Alignment


A Must in Today’s Retail Environment

A Retailer will not maximize its supplier relationships without a formal Supplier Alignment Strategy and Plan. Considering the continuing changes in the retail industry combined with the growing power of the retailer, the store and the shopper, a disciplined approach to the management of supplier relationships is essential. In this environment, there must be:

  • A supplier alignment strategy that aligns with the corporate strategic plan.
  • An alignment of brand strategies and tactics with those of the customer.
  • A value proposition that creates a compelling reason for suppliers to invest in individual retailers.
  • A consistent approach to interacting with suppliers across all Merchants based on the retailer’s overall plan.

Retailers who do not address this issue will experience an increasing gap between the desired outcomes and actual results. Going forward, the development of a formal supplier relationship strategy and plan should be a priority.

Strategic Supplier Alignment Model

WWA’s Strategic Alignment Model is a comprehensive approach to how an organization defines, aligns and manages their relationships to drive profitable growth.

Strategic Customer Alignment Model Benefits

  • Accelerates transformation from transactional selling to strategic relationship development
  • Ensures alignment of the retailer’s objectives, strategies and tactics with the supplier’s brand objectives
  • Establishes a “reason” for suppliers to invest with the retailer
  • Develops specific expectations from supplier partners
  • Establishes a consistency for how each individual supplier relationship should be handled
  • Determines how offering and expectation should be adjusted across supplier segments
  • Enhances probability of achieving acceptable return on investment in merchandising technology and shopper insights
  • Guides the supplier strategic and annual planning process

What We Do

Our role with clients includes:

  • Formalize the collaboration strategy
  • Develop the offering for and expectations of suppliers
  • Segment suppliers based on shopper influence capabilities
  • Develop guidelines for collaboration activities
  • Define the retailer’s strategic alignment process
  • Prioritize suppliers based on disciplined approach
  • Develop/train Directors on Strategic Alignment meeting planning/facilitation/follow-up
  • Develop and implement skills development strategy and plan.

Our Experience and Expertise

We have developed Supplier Alignment Strategies and Plans for numerous retail clients. Our extensive operating and consulting experience with both consumer products manufacturers and retailers ensures solution’s that will drive maximum leverage and return on investment for resources deployed. The strategic clarity resulting from the work has driven enhanced performance for our clients in the short run as well as the long term.

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