Multicultural/Hispanic Market

Unparalleled Expertise on How to Tap into the Growth Potential Offered by the
Expanding U.S. Ethnic Market (Hispanic) and the Multi-Ethnic Millennials

Experience and Expertise

Our multicultural team leader, with over 30+ years of experience, has led efforts to identify and develop strategies to grow consumer products manufacturer and retailer sales and share, launch innovative products, develop marketing campaigns, and establish new revenue streams. Activities span U.S. major urban markets and 17 Latin American countries with over 100 Fortune 500 engagements. Our team leader’s client engagement experience includes Hispanic Grocery Chains & Independents, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Carrefour (Brazil) Exito (Colombia) and Cencosud (Chile) as well as CPG manufacturers including Nestle, P&G, Unilever, J&J and Clorox.

Growth through Market Diversity

  • Hispanic percentage of U.S. population will grow from 17% to 27% by 2040
  • Younger profile driven by Hispanics…61% millennials or younger
  • Hispanic household size 3.5 compared to Non-Hispanic white 2.4.
  • Hispanic buying power continues to energize the U.S. economy.
  • Hispanics outperform total market across most departments in the store
The Hispanic Market Advantage

What We Do

Tap into growth opportunities through shopper-centric multicultural segmentation.

  • Apply Shopper-Centric Retailing principles to identify and tap into new growth streams offered by changing tastes and preferences…driven by multicultural evolution.
    • It’s not just about marketing to Hispanics or a particular race but in identifying growth opportunities driven by our multicultural society and leveraging these across the total market.
  • Provide localized market insights on how to identify and develop the opportunity…plan and execute strategies and tactics designed to maximize clients’ multicultural execution.
    • Some clients have multicultural marketing plans but many fall short when it comes to execution at the local level
  • Deliver customized training/educational sessions on U.S. Hispanic
    • Overall Landscape
    • Size of Prize
    • Cultural Consumption Cues
    • Localization Opportunities

High Level Anatomy of a Multicultural
Project (Example)

  • Business Issue: “How am I performing among Hispanics and what are our growth opportunities”?
  • Proposal Milestones
    • Identify overall Hispanic vs. Non-Hispanic performance in relevant markets
    • Focus on categories and brands which underperform and provide growth opportunities
    • Identify the “why” behind the underperformance, (assortment, price, promotion, customer experience.
    • Develop recommendations using the Shopper Solutions Planning, the core component of the advanced Shopper-Centric Retailing model, to implement changes at store level execution to better respond the Hispanic customer base
  • Resources Required
    • Some clients have multicultural marketing plans but many fall short when it comes to execution at the local level
  • Syndicated POS data at market level for analysis of Hispanic vs Non-Hispanic sales
  • Survey of Hispanic customer shopping preferences at Latino segments (English preferred, Bilingual, Spanish preferred) across key ethnic and mainstream retailers
  • Analytic review and presentation development

A Deeper Understanding of the Hispanic Consumer is Key to Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities through Optimization of the Shopping Experience

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