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WWA is the One Consulting Firm that has taken a Pragmatic Approach to what
Shopper Marketing is and What it Should Be

Shopper Marketing is Not an End-All by Itself

We say Shopper Marketing is simply one component of a fully integrated business management process designed to build retailer and consumer products manufacturer brand equity and enhance the effectiveness of the shopping experience. It can be an important go-to-market strategy for some companies and less important to others. Where and how it fits in a company depends on the importance of a company’s brands to the marketplace, the category and the retailer; brand consumer positioning; how to best influence consumer purchase behavior; available resources and a number of other factors. From our perspective, it is a tactical component of Shopper Solutions Planning, a core component of Shopper-Centric Retailing.

Shopper Insights is Knowledge that Feeds Three
Activation Points

Shopper Solutions Planning, a core component of Shopper-Centric Retailing, is the first and only shopper driven planning process specifically designed to translate shopper insights into shopping experience enhancement solutions at the category, aisle and department levels. It builds upon the positive aspects of the 27+ year old category management process and addresses those weaknesses that prohibit category management from generating sustainable incremental gain in today’s shopper centric environment.

Shopper Insights Marketing

WWA's "Best Practice" approach

Outlined below is WWA's proven "Best Practice" approach to optimizing shopper marketing return-on-investment.

Shopper Insights Marketing

Defining the Vision, Goal and Strategy as the first step is a must as it ensures proper positioning within the total marketing mix and the highest return on investment.

Challenges Faced During the Development Cycle

Most manufacturers experience the following challenges when evolving through the scaling and culturally embedding stages of the development cycle.

  • Getting consensus on a clear vision for shopper insights and shopper marketing
  • Understanding the role of shopper insights and shopper marketing in the overall marketing mix
  • Setting up the structure and cross functional roles…breaking down functional silos
  • Developing the processes and knowledge sharing for effective cross functional collaboration
  • Developing new funding and resource allocations and challenging old priorities
  • Designing an effective research strategy and selecting quality research partners
  • Building consumer and shopper insights knowledge and skills into the organization
  • Establishing collaborative relationships at the strategic level with key retailers… based on brand positioning, category leadership and shopper insights, etc.
  • Incorporating retailer merchandising strategies and store execution into planning and prioritization of retailer programs
  • The biggest challenge, while in test market or beyond test market, is how to convert shopper insights into actions that deliver measurable return on investment.

What We Do

  • Facilitate development of the shopper marketing and shopper insights vision and strategy, including the roles of shopper marketing and insights, best practice applications for shopper insights and identifying shopper marketing opportunities.
  • Develop the shopper insights/shopper marketing structure and functional fit within the organization.
  • Determine the critical role of brand marketing, customer marketing, category management/development, shopper insights, market research and sales teams.
  • Determine budget implications…who should own and fund this work.
  • Develop key processes such as knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, knowledge application across functions and collaborative customer planning.
  • Develop process for integrating shopper marketing and shopper insights into Shopper Solutions Planning and Category Management.
  • Develop shopper “insights into action” processes, strategy, platform and tactics.

Complementing our Shopper Marketing expertise, our collaborative Shopper Insights Activation Process has proven to help both retailers and consumer products manufacturers maximize ROI

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