Organization Restructuring

We have considerable experience restructuring consumer products company organizations
…our understanding of changing industry dynamics enables us to know how to best
position an organization to meet current business requirements

Organization Structures Must Continually Evolve

Organization design is one of the most potent tools available to senior managers for shaping the direction of their organizations. It can be a key leverage point for directing attention and energy to certain critical activities in an organization. It matches people, information, and technology to the purpose and strategy of an organization and it connects people with each other in meaningful and purposeful ways. An organization structure defines the formal relationships among people and specifies both their roles and their responsibilities.

The ultimate design of an organization should be whatever structure best helps the organization to achieve its goals. The need to restructure is typically caused by changes in leadership, a shift in strategy, changing factors within an organization or changing industry dynamics. Whatever the case, senior managers are constantly facing the need to restructure their organizations.

What We Do

We help companies reshape and upgrade their organization models to strengthen their position in the marketplace and improve ROI. Our organization restructuring experience working with consumer products companies includes:

  • Corporate infrastructure design
  • Sales division consolidation
  • HQ, field sales and customer teams
  • Part-time merchandising organizations
  • Direct, broker, DSD and distributor sales
  • Shopper solutions planning, category management, customer marketing, shopper insights, shopper marketing, analytic support, centers of excellence and other support functions

Our “Sales Organization Transformation” Approach

We employ a three step process that includes:

  • A comprehensive organizational assessment that focuses on all aspects of the sales organization and select functional areas that interface with sales and that can influence sales organization performance.
  • The benchmarking of assessment findings against WWA’s Future State Critical Success Factors.
  • Development of a comprehensive Sales Transformation Blueprint for upgrading the organization, including our leading internal teams in the development and implementation of key initiatives.

Our Transformation Process is Highly Disciplined

Whether it is sales division consolidation, sales mode transition or basic restructuring, we employ a highly disciplined transformation process. This includes:

  • The percent of sales volume changing hands is determined by account, by territory and aggregated to total company. This approach defines the magnitude of change in detail and identifies where the greatest risk occurs. It also helps determine whether there should be a phased or one time transition.
  • Reporting systems are integrated across the business being consolidated, down to the account and SKU level, before the consolidation or sales mode transition is implemented. Otherwise, Sales Managers will not be in a position to proactively manage their accounts during the transition period.
  • A carefully orchestrated orientation plan is developed with considerable detail which includes:
    • Product knowledge
    • Account knowledge
    • Broker knowledge
    • Sell-in status of existing and new programs on an account by account basis
  • Wherever sales volume is changing hands, there is a personal “passing of the baton” process on an account by account basis. This includes a consistent procedure across the sales organization, defined schedules/timelines and disciplined follow up and monitoring procedures.
  • A formal presentation that provides rationale for the change and the benefits to accounts is presented in top level meetings with all key customers. Net, net…the client should manage change, not rumors.
  • All sales personnel affected by the consolidation and/or sales mode transition are informed of their new roles and responsibilities prior to announcement of the change throughout the industry. This approach creates a “controlled” communication environment and reduces apprehension as well as possible moral problems.

3rd Party Facilitation and Design Guidance is Essential

Organizational leaders often lack the tools necessary to help them in making decisions about how to structure their organizations. Decisions to reorganize are often made with insufficient information and without a clear process to guide the effort. The result is that reorganizations often fail to produce the desired results, leading instead to further confusion or problems within the organization.

WWA Is Ideally Qualified

Our extensive experience in strategic planning, organization redesign and business process facilitation, combined with our “real world” management experience in the consumer products industry, ideally qualifies WWA to be the consulting firm you select to restructure your organization. Our clients experience considerable benefits when we are involved in all aspects of the process …facilitation, design and zimplementation.

WWA is your “insurance policy” to delivering desired organization restructuring outcomes.

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