We have meaningful Leadership Alliances with a select group of companies whose core competencies complement those of WWA…these alliances enhance the value proposition of WWA as well as our Alliance associates, creating an enhanced solutions capability available to both retailers and consumer products companies.

Our Leadership Alliance Associates

  • Establishes a powerful alliance that combines WWA’s expertise in retail merchandising, operations, category management, shopper-centric retailing and strategic collaboration with Deloitte Consulting expertise in technology, merchandising, procurement, supply chain, digital, joint business planning and enterprise cost reduction
  • WWA and Deloitte Consulting jointly offer an unparalleled capability designed to enhance the ability of retailers to optimize a shopper-centric approach to retailing.
  • Precima adds an important dimension to WWAs new Shopper-Centric Retailing business model with their total store analytics capability. When combined, we provide a comprehensive approach that enables retailers to become truly shopper-centric. Precima’s technology applies deep analytics to optimize the outcomes and deliver actionable insights to the points in the organization where they will have the greatest impact.
  • WWA and Precima have complementary capabilities that, when combined, provide retailers with a comprehensive approach to truly become customer focused.
  • In line with the WWA commitment and leadership to a shopper-centric retailing model, NextOrbit’s ability to predict and mitigate out-of-stocks aligns with WWA’s emphasis on the evolution of category management and related businesses processes to a shopper-centric retailing approach that focuses on the shopper and enhancement of the shopping experience.
  • WWA is a strategic advisor to NextOrbit and partners with the NextOrbit team in all aspects of business expansion and project implementation.

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